June 2019

The historic Depot Museum recently received donations of vintage items from Margaret Coupland Joiner, who was born in Coupland in 1927 and is a direct descendant of Major Coupland who founded the town.  She was accompanied by relatives Craig and Debbie Schreiber from Oracle, Arizona. Ted Wittliff noticed the group standing at the Depot and stopped to talk to them.  They were soon joined by CCO board member Judy Downing who brought a key and showed them through the Depot.

Judy received the historic items from Mrs. Joiner, which included some Civil War uniform buttons from the Major himself and a handsewn white dress from Coupland of earlier times.  Ted said, “Margaret has a lot of memories about Coupland and various folks who lived here.  It was very interesting to talk to her.”


Here is a slideshow of some of the items that can be found in the Depot Museum. Contact one of the board members to schedule a visit.

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