Coupland has attracted a variety of artists because it has a slower pace of life but is not too far from Austin and other major metropolitan hubs.

The mission of the Huntington Sculpture Foundation, located in the small rural town of Coupland, is to serve the greater community of central Texas by providing access to Jim Huntington’s sculptures. There are large scale works in the sculpture garden, in granite and granite combined with stainless or cast bronze or copper, to small, intimate scale sculptures in the studio building. The public is encouraged to stroll the grounds, enter and experience the interior spaces of some of the larger scale pieces, spaces which are, by intention, as much a part of the sculptures as the materials themselves. The Foundation offers a unique educational and aesthetically uplifting opportunity for the public to see the vision, work and working of an artist in his mature years.

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Wells Mason is an American designer and sculptor based in Coupland, Texas. He prefers working with metal and wood, and his work is generally associated with the Postminimalist art movement. His sculptures reference the clean lines and simple forms of Minimalism, but with an intellectual component that explores a particular idea or comments on a specific moment in time. His furniture designs have won national awards, his sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the country, and his work has been featured in numerous magazines.

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This page is a work in progress so please check back for updates on the following artists who also call Coupland their home!

Letitia Eldredge

Peter Julian

Deanna Tidwell

Eldridge Tidwell

Connie Heineke